How to Create a Conversational Marketing Strategy


Although chatbots allow you to automate part of your conversation with customers, it should never replace a one-to-one conversation with a real person. Many contact center providers, like Zendesk and Intercom, offer outbound marketing campaign flow tools, where you can outline and visualize all possible customer journeys through your lead nurturing sequence. By allowing the consumer to ask questions, express issues, and receive individualized solutions, conversational marketing bridges the gap between efficiency and personalization. A company can facilitate its chat messaging using automated AI technology , live agents, or a combination of the two.

Visitors are more likely to reveal the answers marketers are looking for through conversation. While chatbots and traditional forms both have form fields, there is a greater opportunity to organically gain in-depth information from your visitors through the use of a chatbot. With the help of HubSpot’s inbound marketing strategies, you can quickly build credibility, trust, and momentum. Using this methodology, all your potential customers can find your channels via search engines, blogs, and social media. Use email and marketing automation as well as conversational marketing to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time, every time.

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These relationships create loyal customers and can significantly increase their lifetime value. Sephora demonstrates how conversational marketing can sequence automated chatbots and live agents, optimizing the balance between efficiency and personalization. Chatbots and live chats play critical roles in a balanced conversational marketing strategy, each with distinct strengths. what is a conversational growth strategy? The way that we plan conversational inbound strategies is to first understand who are we talking to and where they are in their buyer’s journey when they visit a specific page. We know that someone on the home page could be just browsing, but someone on the pricing page will probably be the specific buyer persona interested in that product and close to making a purchase.

We partner with outstanding media talents to manage custom content marketing… Use SEO to drive quality traffic and grow your business online. Easily integrates with other favorite tools, such as Slack, to manage and takeover live conversations. Automatically creates fields in your CRM that will be filled in by bot interaction answers. Consistent factual content, everyone in the organization responds in the same way with the same content, voice, and strategy to provide a consistent experience. Delivering the ______ information at the ______ time on the right channel is where you are providing the most helpful experience.

Example 1: Automated Chat Order System with Domino’s Pizza

The answer to this question is complicated because, for the most part, it’s not a great idea to evaluate the success of your campaign on a content-by-content basis. Just looking at the success of one blog post is difficult at the best of times, but more often than not, the definition of success is too narrow to account for indirect benefits that it has. Once you’ve developed your core topic and cluster content, create a tracking document to keep track of your existing content and cluster strategy.

If you don’t have an intimate understanding of your buyers, conduct a few interviews with customers, prospects, and other salespeople at your company to get a sense of the buying journey. Here are some questions you should ask to put together the buyer’s journey for your company. Now that you are armed with the above information, you can form a textual or visual framework .

Here are steps to help you gain a deeper understanding of how to put your conversational growth strategy into action. Use this information to start delivering a conversational experience that delights your web visitors by delivering the right information when they need it most. Again, give them the opportunity to ask more questions and get more answers. So how can you use conversations as part of your growth strategy?

A detailed buyer persona will help you determine where to focus your time, guide product development, and allow for alignment across the organization. As a result, you will be able to attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your business. With inbound marketing, your sales and marketing teams work together more closely to create powerful content for prospects.

HubSpot Conversations is much more than a typical live chat and bot feature. Because this feature is part of the HubSpot platform, it is simple to integrate all channels of outreach into one place and see what is happening with leads and customers in real time. The power of the HubSpot CRM gives us insight into how visitors are engaging with a website and allows us to share helpful content through the most appropriate channel. All of the shared information you collect from your visitors will be available for future conversations, ensuring that your team will never ask the same question twice. This helps the prospect feel like they are having one conversation without repeating themselves with the same person, no matter how many chatbot interactions they have before making the decision to buy.

What’s the Impact of Conversational AI for Contact Centers? – CMSWire

What’s the Impact of Conversational AI for Contact Centers?.

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We’re taught communication at an early age, learning how to exchange feelings and ideas while listening to others equally. Conversations are key to relationship development—and in the B2B world, they fuel business and the exchange of crucial information. The beauty of Conversations is the opportunity to empathize with your visitor. This shows compassion and helps put your company at the top of a prospect or customer’s list.

Role of HubSpot Inbound Marketing

When speaking with a customer or prospect, conversations should be personalized with relevant shared knowledge. The inbound principles of standardized, contextualize, optimize, personalize, and empathize are designed to build upon each other, and they enable you to execute the inbound methodology with excellence. This requires lead nurturing, and to begin the process; you will need to obtain the contact information of your site visitors. Contact information is the currency of the inbound marketer.

what is a conversational growth strategy?

Using a website, various marketing channels, tools, tactics and an inbound content marketing strategy to build your authority in search you’ll rank for the topics that matter the most to your prospects. Using social media tools, you publish blog posts or video content across social networks and create ads to increase awareness of your brand with your target audience. Next, it’s time to decide which channels you’re going to use to drive traffic to your various chat experiences. Digital marketers spend a fortune to send qualified traffic to the website. Without a conversational marketing strategy to effectively convert leads, it’s hard to justify these investments. The crucial need to convert traffic is why 78% of marketers say they invest in one or more marketing channels that engage customers in real time.

These steps are going to be based on the type of conversational AI you’re implementing and how your product works. Implementing a live chat feature on a website is not simply another tool that creates more work for your sales team. The bot is a part of the same inbound strategy that ultimately will help marketing, sales, and service teams create a more human conversation with website visitors. To define this strategy, we first need to understand what conversational marketing is. This is the new marketing model that highlights the importance of real two-way communication. But your work isn’t done yet because optimization plays a crucial role in improving your conversational growth strategy over time.

what is a conversational growth strategy?

We work with many B2C businesses that are seeing great success with live chat and bots. This immediate customer service via chat converts into scheduling a tour, requesting a quote, or even a sale. For websites with large amounts of visits, reasonably good conversion rates on inbound efforts, and well-rounded campaigns, it is very easy to implement a conversational inbound strategy. This instantly provides an increase in lead conversions of at least 1% (a 30% to 50% increase).

To get started, create a list of broad topics that are important to your business. Then fill in each topic with potential keywords you think your audience will search for. It’s better not to self-edit during this stage and write out as many keywords as you can think of. Tools work particularly well for pillar content because they’re often evergreen content and get shared a lot. Provides a lower-cost approach to converting prospects into customers. Many outbound marketing messages get distributed to huge audiences in which many members have no need for your brand.

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