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You can use these swings to help identify potential profit targets. For example, if a price bounces off the lower band and then crosses above the moving average, the upper band then becomes the profit target. When the bands tighten during a period of low volatility, it raises the likelihood of a sharp price move in either direction.

The B% indicator should be lower on each push and confirmed by a volume indicator. To identify Bollinger Squeezes, we can use an indicator derived from the Bollinger Bands — known as BandWidth. As a result, bottoms tend to be sharper, more dramatic and take less time.

If they do, then this is a sell signal that can be confirmed with the RSI or another indicator. If they don’t, however, the trend is weak and entry/exit positions should be reconsidered. Riding the bands is an extremely simple trading strategy that is actually rather reliable and effective.

This is why investors often combine Bollinger Bands with other technical analysis tools to ensure there is less chance of a false signal. A popular trading strategy is to combine the Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic, and MACD indicators. Every significant price breakout outside the trading bands expands them radically.

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The best way to look for reversals is where an oscillator is negative and there is a tag of the upper band . Alternatively, a valid short setup would be where the B% indicator is greater than 0.95. While we can think of the price hitting the upper band as motivating a sell , it is important to remember a tag of the upper or lower bands is not a sell or buy signal by itself. The ‘Bollinger Squeeze’ can be identified with Bollinger Bands and the BandWidth indicator. ‘The Squeeze’ allows us to identify and trade the breakout at the beginning of a trend.

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Two lines are plotted above and below a simple moving average to form Bollinger Bands. An upper band is determined by multiplying the middle line by k times the price standard deviation . You can still benefit if the market moves in your favour, or make a loss if it moves against you. However, with traditional trading you enter a contract to exchange the legal ownership of the individual shares or the commodities for money, and you own this until you sell it again. In this case, an asset can be traded long-term in a trend even if volatility affects its valuation.

How do the Bollinger Bands work?

Market timing though DeMark indicators, Ichimoku, Gann tools, or Hurst Cycle Theory are also of key interest. Tony provides completely original content driven by exclusive, independent research. For more insights and education from Tony, check him out on Twitter or in his free TonyTradesBTC Telegram channel. Follow @TonyTheBull on Twitter and search CoinChartist on YouTube.

For instance, in an, traders can maintain a long bias as long as prices are in the buy zone. A long position can be liquidated when prices fall below the middle band or break into the sell zone. In a strong trend, the mid-line can be used as a reference point for placing trailing stops. However, riding the bands is a flawed strategy on its own and should not be viewed as a sole trading signal.


In other words, like most crypto bollinger bands indicators, Bollinger Bands are a lagging indicator. This is because the tool is based on a simple moving average, which takes the average price of several price bars. In the cryptocurrency markets, Bollinger Bands, commonly abbreviated to “BBs,” may be used to quantify a coin’s past and present pricing volatility.

It displays two standard deviations apart from a basic moving average of a security’s price, but which may be changed to the user’s needs. The Bollinger Band squeeze is a trading strategy that capitalizes on another key element of the indicator – volatility. In theory, trading the “squeeze” follows a rather similar concept to riding the bands. In both instances, traders are expecting that when one thing occurs, the opposite is soon to follow. The use of standard deviations in the Bollinger Bands’ formula is to account for and depict volatility. It makes it very easy to see when an crypto’s price is fluctuating rapidly – the gap between the upper and lower band will be quite large.

One of the most profitable ways to trade is to buy and hold during strong uptrends. However, this is easier said than done because several traders sell too early out of fear and others keep waiting for the dip. If the price pulls back within the uptrends, and it stays above the middle band and moves back to the upper band, that indicates a lot of strength. Generally, a price in the uptrend should not touch the lower band, and if it does, it is a warning sign for a reverse or that the stock is losing strength. We introduce people to the world of trading currencies, both fiat and crypto, through our non-drowsy educational content and tools. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey.

Bollinger Squeeze

A method in which investors put their money in two extremes of high-risk and no-risk assets while ignoring … While the Bollinger Squeeze is a trend-following system, we can use the Bollinger Bounce for reversals. BandWidth also plays a role in spotting the beginning and ends of trends.

Bollinger Bands are a technical analysis tool created by John Bollinger in the 1980s. The bands are used to gain insights into the price and volatility of a number of asset types, including currencies, stocks, and commodities. Bollinger Bands are supremely useful because they can help determine overbought/oversold levels, monitor breakouts, or be used as a trend following tool.

We do not make any representations or warranty on the accuracy or completeness of the information that is provided on this page. If you rely on the information on this page then you do so entirely on your own risk. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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The original settings create bands that show 95% of price action inside them. In the event that the upper and lower BBs are close together or “tight,” a market is in consolidation. This means that periodic trading ranges are small, price action is choppy, and participation is balanced. Under this scenario, the BBs are viewed as viable support and resistance levels. Of the two common trading strategies using bollinger band, breakout trades are more relevant for cryptocurrencies, due to the high volatility of the asset class.

The upper and lower bands expand when market volatility is high, and contract when market volatility is low. Donchian Channels are moving average indicators developed by Richard Donchian. They plot the highest high price and lowest low price of a security over a given time period. Hi traders, the market is bearish but we might have a tinny uptrend. First it all, the prices should break up the pivot point and then go until R1-R2, 1-hour frame.

The upper / lower bands are calculated as 2 standard deviations above / below the SMA. Standard deviation is a measure of volatility, hence, the bands widen when volatility increases or narrow when volatility decreases. Prices should move within the bands 89% of the time, so a breakout is a significant event. TheBollinger Bands, or BB, were developed in the 1980s by financial analyst and trader John Bollinger. Since then, many traders and chartists have been using the BB as atechnical analysis indicator.

At the time of writing, there are 45 indicators available inside the Good Crypto app. Once you have enabled the advanced chart, you will find more options. Higher/longer SMA will give fewer signals, but they will be stronger. One line that indicates a Simple Moving Average usually based on the last 20 periods. Simple Moving Average is calculated by adding the closing price of the last 20 candles and dividing the result by 20. In the event that the upper and lower BBs are close together, a rotational or reversion-to-the-mean strategy is advised.

Prices are moving directionally, extending the periodic trading range. In trending crypto markets, BBs act as directional indicators, not necessarily support or resistance levels. Typically, a 20-day simple moving average is used to calculate Bollinger Bands. A 20-day moving average would take the closing prices of the first 20 days as the first data point. Following this data point, the earliest price would be dropped, the price on day 21 would be added, and then the average would be calculated, and so on. In the next step, we will determine the cryptocurrency’s standard deviation.

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